Explore Western Australia’s marine parks with the new app

Discovering Western Australia’s 13 marine parks will be plain sailing with the release of the Explore Marine Parks WA mobile app for iPhones and iPads.

Marine Parks WA App

Department of Parks and Wildlife senior projects officer Carolyn Thomson-Dans said the app, created by Parks and Wildlife with the support of Department of Fisheries and Exxon Mobil Australia, would enhance the enjoyment of visitors by providing information on the full range of activities in these areas, including fishing.

“This will make it easier for people to plan their visits to Western Australia’s magnificent marine parks, from the remote Lalang-Garram / Camden Sound in the Kimberley, to Walpole and Nornalup Inlets in the south,” Ms Thomson-Dans said.

“The app contains comprehensive information about each marine park, along with 72 common marine wildlife species and species of conservation significance such as whales, reptiles and fish.

“Importantly, all the data is downloaded to your phone, allowing people to access park information at any time. For example, the app has a ‘where am I?’ function so park users can see which marine park zone they are in and what activities they can enjoy in each particular area, even when offline or out of mobile phone range.”

Screen capture from Marine Parks WA app
Screen capture from Marine Parks WA app

Ms Thomson-Dans said the increasing use of smartphones by tourists and park users prompted the development of the Explore Marine Parks WA mobile app.

“This is an excellent tool promoting the diversity of recreational experiences in our parks and it provides practical information about how to contact each park, how to get there and how to stay safe during visits,” she said.

“The app will also educate visitors on appropriate behaviour in marine parks by providing the best possible information on park zones and permitted activities.”

The app is only available for iPhone and iPad at the moment (App Store ‘Marine Parks WA’) and the Android version is being developed. The app is 370MB and has its own inbuilt maps for when you are out of range of either a wifi or mobile data access.

Explore Marine Parks WA is the eighth app to be produced by Parks and Wildlife, with others including cane toad identification, Noongar culture and WA trails.

DISCOVR WA delivers a 360°, 3d immersive experience showcasing destinations and places of interest in Western Australia, through Virtual Reality. Take a Virtual Tour of Western Australia and discover our National Parks in a truly unique way! All you need is a smartphone, a Google cardboard or other HMD device, download the app and get set to take an immersive journey around Western Australia. (Google Play and Apple App store)

Parks and Wildlife Alerts will help you to stay alert and aware of bushfires, park and road closures as well as active prescribed burns. The app also includes alerts from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Stay up-to-date with safety alerts for bushfire alerts, park, trail and road closures, active prescribed burns, and smoke alerts. You can also be informed with alerts from DFES, and news and other alerts from the Department of Parks and Wildlife (Google Play and Apple App store)

Sharing The Dreaming is a window to an Aboriginal Australian culture: the culture of the Nyoongar, the traditional custodians of Australia’s South-West. Listen to Dreamtime stories, illustrated by images of paintings in the local style. Discover the meanings of symbols used in those, and other, traditional paintings. Hear and learn Nyoongar words and their English language translations. See how the six (not our traditional four) Nyoongar seasons of the year reflect the natural annual rhythms of country. (Apple App store)

ParkFinder WA contains over 150 of Western Australia’s parks. You can search parks by name or on an interactive map to find your next park experience. Filter your search to find parks with the activities and facilities you like and save them to a favourites list or share with friends on social media. You can even just click and find parks near you! ParkFinder WA links to the Parks and Wildlife Explore Parks WA website so the park information always stays up to date (Apple App store)

TrailsWA puts the trails of Western Australia (WA) in your pocket. You can search for trails near you, filter your search by regions of WA, trail type, trail experience, time, difficulty and also by dog-friendly and wheelchair accessible trails. You can also search only for Top Trails – those voted as the best of the best trails in Western Australia. Each trail description is packed with information so you can find the trail start point and be prepared with whatever you need for your trail adventure. If you find a problem along the trail you can submit a problem report to the trail manager. The TrailsWA app is a partnership between TrailsWA and the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia. The Trails WA app is a companion to the Trails WA website, which can be viewed at www.trailswa.com.au (Apple App store)

Camping Mate lets you create tailored camping checklists for different types of camping that you can share with your friends to make sure you have packed all the gear you need. This app makes it easy by providing detailed lists of all the things you need to consider or take with you when you go camping. Camping mate also lets you add new items or delete items from checklists so you can customise lists to your liking. You can also copy your custom checklist’s to start a new list. Camping mate is packed with information about camping in Western Australia such as where to camp, when to camp, types of camping and staying safe. It also directs you to other sources of information to help make your next camping adventure even better. (Google Play and Apple App store)

Cane Toad is used to distinguish between cane toads and native frogs. Cane toads are poisonous and native frog-eating predators may die if they eat one. When people see cane toads they may try to catch or kill them. Unfortunately, many native frogs get mistaken for cane toads and are also killed. Use this app to help answer the question; is it a cane toad or a native frog? (Apple App store)

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