How to avoid seasickness naturally on your next Whale Watching tour

Could you imagine setting off on a boat to experience the delights of watching a humpback tail fluke dive or getting splashed as a humpback tail hit the ocean surface, only to miss it because you’re down below deck with a bout of sea sickness? Could you image setting off on a wine and food tasting tour, but miss out on tasting any of the gastronomic delights, whilst those who went with you are drinking and eating the fine cuisine of the region, because you’ve developed a bad case of motion sickness from the journey. There is something to help. It can prevent and relive motion sickness, including seasickness along with nausea caused by a whole range of things, such as medications and pregnancy. What’s even better, It’s just food.  A tasty AND nutritious snack you can eat before your trip, or even once you’ve begun your journey and nausea has just started.

Anchor Nutrition food bars has been developed from research over the last two decades by a group from MIT and Harvard. Anchor Nutrition is a nutritious snack that prevents & relieves nausea from motion sickness, morning sickness, medication side effects & other causes. It’s real food – no drugs, no side effects and no worries!

It’s based on clinical research, and is tasty and easy to eat – even when feeling queasy. This means that you can avoid seasickness without experiencing drowsiness like you would with traditional treatments like Dramamine.  The last thing you want to do on a whale watch is sleep.

Christine M., Louisiana, on a whale watch said “The bar tastes good. I was getting queasy. About 10 mins after I ate it, the nausea was gone. I haven’t felt it since”

Based on research on the role of protein, ginger, and vitamins in reducing nausea, Anchor Nutrition is fast acting and effective, and is safe for all ages and pregnant women alike. Levine et al showed protein meals reduced nausea and motion sickness in a study at Penn State University in 2003. Ginger and vitamins, in particular B6, have also been shown to have an anti-nausea effect in a range of studies.

“I started eating the bar after about 5 minutes of nausea. The bar was perfectly palatable; the taste + texture combo really grew on me. Within 10 minutes, my nausea was noticeably less intense. It was cool that it started to go away relatively quickly. Within 30 minutes, I was pretty much back to my normal self! I felt really full for quite some time, even after the nausea stopped” – Kathy B., Cambridge, MA

It is recommended you eat one bar as you are about to board the vessel, or before as the active ingredients of protein, ginger, and B vitamins can work as quickly as 5 minutes and typically only take 15 minutes to kick in. The product is both preventative and curative.  If you forget to eat the bar before you start feeling nauseous it can still help alleviate symptoms (provided you’re not beyond the point of no return and already physically ill).

You can find more information about Anchor Nutrition, read testimonials from very happy customers, and also buy the bars from both the Anchor Nutrition website and from Amazon.


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