The world’s most wearable action camera

How do you capture your travel moments, without even trying? You use the Narrative Clip 2.

Oskar Kalmaru, co-founder and CMO of Narrative tells us more about what is described as “The world’s most wearable action camera”.

In WA       What was the original concept/idea for the camera?

Originally, we wanted to create a device that would capture ALL you moments, so that you’d be able to search for any point in time and be served a photo sequence of what that looked like. This vision was evidently interesting enough for 2000 people to back us in Kickstarter in 2012, but once we had started shipping the first units, we saw in the data that very few users actually used it this way. Since then, we’ve focused more on those special moments that you know you will have photos and video of, but that you don’t want to interrupt by putting a mobile phone or a DSLR between you and reality. An example of this type of moment can be when you are out travelling, busy taking in all the experiences and easily forgetting or choosing to not take up your camera. This time of year, when a lot of people are going away on vacation, we see both sales and usage increase.

Yesi Ortiz
Yesi Ortiz, Photo courtesy of narrative

In WA      What activities is it best suited for?

The Narrative Clip 2 is great when you want to stay in the moment, experiencing it to its fullest, but at the same time document it in photos and videos. Travels, hiking, city walks, family time are some examples of moments that a lot of our users find value in wearing their Clip 2s.

In WA       What activities is it not suited for?

If you want to take a high resolution, desktop wallpaper photo in a low light setting with lots of movement in the picture, we’d still recommend to bring a high-end DSLR for that.

Ron Duguay
Ron Duguay, Photo courtesy of narrative

In WA       How would someone use it handsfree? Would they need any accessories to attach it to themselves/an object?

No accessories needed! Just clip it on as it comes in the box. There are two additional mounts included though, a necklace if you prefer to wear the Clip around your neck and a “crocodile mount” that is great for clipping on thicker clothing.

Bear Grylls
Bear grylls, Photo courtesy of narrative

In WA       Is it fully waterproof?

Not waterproof, but fully weatherproof. Rain, wind, [and] dust are no problem for the Clip 2.

In WA       Can it be controlled remotely? E.g. via an app?

Yes, thanks to the bluetooth chip in the Clip 2, you can adjust settings via the Narrative app on your smartphone.

Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig, Photo courtesy of narrative

In WA      Will the battery ever need replacing? If so how often?

This has not been tested yet, since the product is still so new.

In WA       From the footage you’ve seen taken using it, is there any that has taken you by surprise?

I recommend checking out #narrativeclip2 on Twitter or Instagram! There are a lot of user content there.

In WA      Is there anyone real or fictional you’d really like as an ambassador for the camera?

We have some of these!

Marlon Gobel (not the person in the picture)
Model wearing Narrative Clip 2 at Marlon Gobel show, Photo courtesy of narrative

Check out the gallery of those who have been lucky enough to get their hands on one of these. You can get your hands on one from or from Amazon

Lance Reddick from the West Wing, Law & Order
Lance Reddick, Photo courtesy of narrative
Roxy Sowlaty from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills
Roxy Sowlaty, Photo courtesy of narrative
Holly R. Peete
Holly R. Peete, Photo courtesy of narrative
drew carey
Drew Carey, Photo courtesy of narrative

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