Rottnest Island, an outstanding day trip from Perth

You’re in Perth for a short business trip, it’s your first visit to the city and you have a spare day. How do you spend it? That was the dilemma facing Jordan and he reached out to for some suggestions. We talked through a number of ideas and settled on a day trip to Rottnest Island, one of the most well-loved places in Western Australia. We asked Jordan some follow up questions on the day trip to see what he thought of it:

In WA: When Rottnest Island was suggested as somewhere to spend a day, what did you think it would be like/expect from the island?

I had heard the name before, so I thought, “Cool, somewhere iconic, I’m in!”, but then looking into it more I start to read about push bikes to go around the island and plenty of nice coastline, it was sounding better and better!

In WA: Did it meet your expectations?

Meet them – they totally blew them out of the water!  The island was much bigger and more dramatic than I expected, and the raw natural feel of the place was just beautiful – I could definitely spend more than a day there!

In WA: What did you do on Rottnest Island?

We started off by grabbing a beer and a bite at Aristos Waterfront Rottnest – which reminds me, go here and grab the seafood basket!

Seafood Basket from Aristos Waterfront Rottnest
Seafood Basket from Aristos Waterfront Rottnest

It was the most ridiculously amazing seafood basket I’ve ever come across – they’re usually just a basket of defrosted fried garbage but not this one, this one… just buy it and see for yourself.  Anyway, once we were fed and watered we grabbed a few bikes from Flipper & Peddle and headed for The Basin.  With a quick “detour” to the golf course thanks to my navigation skills we made it there in no time with a few Quokka shots already in the bag.


The Basin, a spectacular, rocky edged bay, was perfect for a bit of a snorkel, albeit a little chilly for a Queenslander at this time of year!  We found ourselves lying on the beach talking fish, the dangers of the Aussie coastline, having a good laugh at how we each reacted to that first “refreshing” dip.  From here we cycled back to F&P to drop off the bikes, grabbed a beer at Hotel Rottnest, and watched the tide pass by until our ferry back to reality unfortunately arrived – not all bad though as it got us back to Fremantle in time for a spectacular WA sunset over the sea.

In WA: What did you like about Rottnest?

The nature, the freedom, the geography – it’s a unique mix, enough to fuel the wanderlust in all true travellers for days on end.

In WA: Was there anything you didnt like about Rottnest?

The time limits around the bike hire at F&P – wouldn’t have been an issue if we were there for more than a day trip, but there was a solid hour plus between last bike drop and last ferry.

In WA: What were the facilities like?

Good facilities – clean bathrooms in places I didn’t expect, and plenty of opportunities for a bite or a beer around the town.  Couldn’t say much for the rest of the island though, guess I’ll have to explore a little more and let you all know 😉

Bikes for hire on Rottnest Island
Bikes for hire on Rottnest Island

In WA: How easy was it to get around the island?

Very – I hadn’t been on a pushbike for a year or so but with few hills and well-designed paths to get everywhere I didn’t feel limited at all.

In WA: What was your favourite part of the trip?

Cruising up to the island on the ferry and getting hit by that feeling that I’ve just arrived somewhere really special, somewhere I know I’m going to remember and is just asking to be explored.

In WA: Would you go back to Rottnest Island?

I haven’t seen it all yet, so definitely!

In WA: Would you do anything different if you went back?

More time!  I mean I’d never turn anyone away from doing a day trip here (Single men and women – read “perfect date idea!”), but I’d love a couple days to truly explore.

In WA: Overall, how would you rate your Rottnest Island experience and would you recommend it as somewhere to visit?

I can never rate anything a 5, but I’d say my day there was a solid 4.5.  Recommend it?  Bloody oath I would!  Why haven’t you booked already?!

You can find out more about Rottnest Island from its listing in the Places directory.

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